Top Business Blogs In Nigeria You Should Always Read (2020 list)

A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus once said, “Change is the only constant in life.”

This quote is one maxim that transcends every single aspect of our lives.

Every day, there’s a change in Nigeria’s economy; policies, bills, and motions are passed on to existing or new sectors of the economy. Recently, NIPOST (Nigerian Postal Service) released a new price list that will affect logistics operations in Nigeria.

Be it Agriculture, Technology, Finance, or Cryptocurrency, the need to pay attention and stay abreast of economic situations cannot be overemphasized.

And what better way to keep up with changes than to stay informed about the right channels? These channels could be television, radio, newspaper, or a business blog.

This article will look at various business blogs in Nigeria that keep you informed and au courant of economic changes.

This list of business blogs is in no particular order of preference or importance.

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Business Blogs In Nigeria You Should Always Read (2022 list)

  1. NairaMetrics

Nairametrics is a business blog founded by Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu, in 2013. It’s a financial resource company with a focus on financial literacy.

Nairametrics provides up-to-date news on business, investing guides, and personal finance.

The blog also boasts of a podcast and radio shows for startups and relevant business tutorials.

2. Ideaslane

This business blog cuts across different business spheres, including student entrepreneurship, arts and culture, technology, and an eBook on sale. The eBook titled- How not to be broke after school; 7 formulas to creating wealth from your campus is focused on creating wealth for graduates. It talks about smart money-making skills relevant to business ventures.

Its art and culture segments are in tune with poetry and cultural articles. It provides business programs and opportunities for students regarding grants and business ideas.

3. Noble Informant

As its name suggests, Noble Informant is a business blog that keeps you informed about business news. Whether freelancing or small-scale business, the blog provides in-depth details on starting up and steady, lucrative ventures.

It is dedicated to helping people on their quest to make money via online and offline services.

It stretches across technology, freelancing, and telecommunications.

4. Utibeetim

This business blog, named after the founder, Utibe Etim, is a business blog with a plus. It doesn’t just provide relevant business data. It also offers services like business plan development, web design development, and business registration, i.e., CAC.

They also feature an online store that sells various agric business books and money-making business plans. Included in the blog is an advertising platform for advertisers.

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5. AgroNigeria

People often forget that Agriculture is a source of income and a steady financial structure. AgroNigeria’s blog serves to remind people about the essence of agriculture. It is a pioneer brand for online agricultural news.

They aid in agric awareness by organizing activities like the Nigeria Agriculture Awards, which recognizes and rewards key players in the agric sector. It also plans the annual feed Nigeria summit.

You’re sure to feel at home if you need day-to-day information on agriculture and its economic standing.

6. The Total Entrepreneur

 Are you a starting entrepreneur needing information to guide you as you grow? Do you need insights into other entrepreneurs’ lives? The total entrepreneur has you covered.

Its name is a giveaway to the information you’re sure to uncover in its articles. It is a business blog for aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

It looks at technology, marketing, personal development, business news, and various interviews with entrepreneurs.

Suppose you wish to learn about entrepreneurship and how to impact society with ideas. Francis Nwokike founded the blog.

7. SMEDigest

It’s an SME portal filled with business articles. It started as a magazine in 2013 and has developed into an online blog.

It hosts a radio show on Inspiration 92.3FM every Tuesday by 5 pm and provides a replay on the blog. The blog deals with entrepreneurship and has an IT corner, marketing, and a how-to series.


 By its name, you shall know thee. The blog provides money-making sources via affiliate marketing, freelancing, forex, bitcoin, etc.

One of its features is a currency converter that converts dollars to naira, bitcoin to naira, etc.

It has a portion allotted to loans and the necessary know-how to get a loan from various reputable loan systems. Its services include digital marketing, training, consultation, etc.

9. Dayo Adetiloye Hub

The business blog is named after the founder Dayo Adetiloye, an entrepreneur. The site is designed to reach out to willing business owners or startups needing services.

The blog renders business plan preparations, financial forecasts, vocations training, public speaking, etc.

It also has an online shop that sells business plans, ranging from snail farming to cake business and events planning.

10. Businessday. ng

“If you refuse to reinvent yourself, you stay stagnant.” Business Day, established in 2001, is a daily that covers anything business and economic growth. The blog provides clear and cut information and has an e-paper for those who can’t get the hard copy.

With a platform covering lead stories, exclusives, conferences, etc., no business news is outside their grasp as you’re assured of reliable content daily.

11. SMEToolkit

 What is now a tree was once a small plant. SME toolkit caters to small and medium enterprises by providing content, management information, helpful videos, and training resources.

The blog also has a tool section with an inbuilt calculator for calculating PAYE tax, debts to equity, gross profit margin, etc.

The e-learning modules equip business owners with adequate knowledge to enhance business growth.

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12. Wealth Result

In need of reliable answers to business questions? Wealthresult brings solutions to your fingertips.

Its question-and-answer platform differentiates it from other blogs as it is poised to deliver reliable answers to inquiries ranging from accounting, agriculture, automobile, 

cryptocurrency, etc.

13. Agricincome

Yes, agriculture should not be taken lightly; that’s why we have another blog dedicated to the growth of agripreneurs. (Agriculture entrepreneurs).

Farotimi Olaoluwa founded Agricincome and endeavors to eradicate hunger and improve food growth.

The blog looks at opportunities and news from agribusiness.

It offers training— in different farming sectors like snail farming, fish farming, rabbit, pig, sheep, etc. Consultancy on business ventures and also provide farm owners with business plans.

It has two eBooks— Snail Farming for Beginners and Zero Hunger: Creating a Niche in Agribusiness—on sale.

The aim is to assist agripreneurs, raise awareness of agribusiness opportunities, and help farmers set up a profitable farming business.

So if you are interested in starting an agribusiness, you know where to look.

14. Tech Cabal

Tech cabal, created in 2013, relays information on startups, technology landscapes, and opportunities in Africa.

It houses a profile of 50 women with different backgrounds and career stages in Lagos’ tech niche.

Its reports—The Future of Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria Women in Tech, State of Health Tech In Nigeria, seek to enlighten the masses to avail themselves of tech opportunities around Africa.

Tech cabal hosts a weekly podcast discussing tech advances and tech growth issues.

15. Entrepreneur Platform

Can you mention business without mentioning entrepreneurs? Two weeks ago, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos made headlines when it was published that he gained 13 billion dollars in a day.

(No argument about him being the richest man in the world).

The entrepreneur platform caters to Jeff Bezos wannabes, entrepreneurs who strive for balance and growth.

The blog covers business, finance ideas, and marketing opportunities,—such as how to sell products, marketing strategies, etc.

It also delves into entrepreneurs’ lives, stories, and business models.

The finance category covers spending habits, wealth strategies, and helpful financial books.

The list of business blogs in Nigeria doesn’t end here. There are many, and more will continue to spring up because the business world is wide enough for everyone. While some business blogs concentrate on a particular niche like agric or tech, others are generalized and provide information on every economic niche available.

The cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is on the rise, at almost 350 dollars per one ether. Will it remain stable and continue to rise, or will it drop and disappoint investors?

NIPOST regulations have been stalled, and rumours have surrounded Shoprite and its exit from Nigeria.

With the current post-pandemic state of the country, there is no room for financial ignorance; now, more than ever, is the time to stay informed.

Keep your ears to the ground, and watch for new policies and bills.

How do they affect a small business owner? Does entrepreneurship still have hope in the country?

How much does the Nation owe in debt? Why is the price of oil increasing after the pandemic?

So many changes and questions to be answered. Why not look up the business blogs, subscribe to their newsletters, be informed, and get answers to your questions?

Are there blogs you feel should have made a list? Drop your comments below.