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Stock brokers in Nigeria have played a very significant role in the development of the country’s economic capital through the country’s capital market.

The presence of a capital market is a characteristic of any economy, and in Nigeria, we have a formal and robustly growing capital market.

The term capital market refers to two main components, money and stock markets; stockbrokers come in here as legally recognized firms that not only buy or sells stock but also give investment advice to their clients.

Therefore if you are interested in trading in the Nigerian stock exchange market, you could contact any of the undermentioned stockbroking firms. They are all duly registered with the Stock Exchange Commission in Nigeria; this registration permits them to operate as stockbrokers in the National stock market.

Registered Stock Brokers in Nigeria

  • Meristem Registrars Limited

The core values set out how the members of this firm act and how they expect to be treated. The Meristem’s core values are summarized in the acronym C.E.P.O.E.M.

Clientocracy – This firm is dedicated to its investors. They treat their  members very specially.

Esprit de Corps – this means teamwork makes the dream work. The individuals put their talent and strengths together to enable them to achieve the goals of the firm.

Professionalism and integrity –  They give their best to their work and never compromise on the standard due to the client

Ownership – They take responsibility for their work, and this sets them up for total dedication to ensuring they reproduce excellence time and again.

Meristem – They believe there is a way things ought to be done. Lastly, in their core value is a meri-star delight. Meristem believes that happiness has a domino effect. This means when the workers are happy, it can create a ripple effect on customers energizing everyone to give their best.

The Meristem is quite a group to be part of, don’t you think so? Therefore, you could locate them at 213 Herbert Macaulay way, Adekunle, Lagos mainland, Lagos Nigeria.

  • Bgl Limited

Bgl limited is also known as Banc Garanti Limited. This firm began 27 years ago. It is one of the most rapidly developing financial institutions with such standards as suits global requirements.

Nigerian stock exchange with stock brokers in Nigeria

They are always known to meet the needs of their clients, which range from government to corporate bodies, through their team of excellent professional financial advisers.

To further strengthen its credibility and sustainability, this institution has formed strong alliances with other known giants in the capital market. Some of its partners are United Bank for Africa (U.B.A.), Commercial Bank in Nigeria, Continental Trust Bank.

They could be contacted at 59B, King Perekule Street, G.R.A. Phase 2, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

  • Cradle Trust Financial Securities Limited

Cradle Trust Finance and Securities Limited have been in the business of stock broking since December 20, 2005.

It has over twenty years of experiential knowledge in the trade. They give financial advice to their clients, and over the years, they have been able to prove their credibility.

They could be contacted at 188A, Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

This particular firm driven by the zeal to meet the desires of their clients. They, therefore, would welcome you should you desire to partner with them in the stock market.

  • Bestworth Assets and Trust Limited

This stock broking firm was established in 1996, making it the oldest in Nigeria. This gives them the advantage of practical experience over the years.


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They have foreign and indigenous customers and not only do they grant an overwhelming cum fantastic investment plan to their investors, but they also ensure satisfactory returns. They are located at number 47 and 57 Martin Street, 5th-floor Agege Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Gti Capital Limited

G.T.I. is a world-class financial and banking institution with its outstanding services rendered to investors worldwide. They have been operational for about 22 years now

Their services comprise; stockbroking, asset management, wealth management, treasury, microfinance, corporate and investment banking, and hand holding. They can be contacted at 1, Tarawa Balewa Crescent, Gti Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Icon Stock Brokers Limited

This firm was founded on June 30, 1962. Icon Stockbrokers Limited also known as Icon Nominees Limited is one of the oldest stockbroking firms in Nigeria.

They have a partnership with Merrill Lynch, and this has helped their financial growth

Icon Stock Brokers Limited also offers a wide range of financial services that are specially made to meet the needs of each customer.

They could be located at 56 and 60 broad street Lagos, Nigeria.

Founded on June 30, 1962, Icon Stockbrokers Limited, or once known as Icon Nominees Limited, is considered one of the oldest stock broking companies in Nigeria.

  • Sigma Securities Limited

Sigma Securities Limited focuses its strength on financial marketing while providing excellent financial advice because their mission entails providing such to their customers worldwide.

It was established on May 30, 1995, and since then, Sigma Securities has continuously proven its worth to investors over the years.

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Even a sum of 5million naira qualifies you to become a member of this firm and you could obtain your stocks or fund through a check deposit or even via Internet banking.

Stock exchange charts

These primary and straightforward requirements make the Sigma Securities Limited one of the most comfortable and most customer-friendly stock broking institution in the nation.

They can be located on the 6th floor, Suite 11 and 13 Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Esi-Ota, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • First Guarantee Risk Solutions Limited

First Guarantee Risk Solutions is an institution that desires to become the most quality stockbroker in Nigeria.

They guarantee customers safety of funds through their efficient customers services meeting the differing expectations of customers. They have customers within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Their services include giving legal advice to their customers who have encountered losses. Their aim includes aiding customers who are at risk in their business plans.

They could be located at 63B Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Action Alliance Stock Brokers

This stockbroking firm is has been in the business for over 20 years. Within this time, they have consistently built trust and  integrity with customers.

They offer their customers the advantage of developing a consciousness of their finances while delivering world-class services. They include not just stockbroking in their professional services but also money marketing.

Stock brokers in nigeria

They help their clients grow their stock while teaching them the fundamental principles of the trade. Wouldn’t you just love that? In the simplest of ways, you would be taught how to go about investing profitably in the stock exchange market while your income grows alongside.

Their contact is at 19A, Milverton Road, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria. Their website is

  • Adonai Stock Brokers Limited

Of all the numerous broking institutions in Nigeria, Adonai Stock Brokers are one of the most capable. It has been registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.); the body that regulates the activities of stockbrokers in Nigeria since the year 2003.

They currently have a financial base of about 1billion Naira in the (S.E.C.) and about 1.6 billion Naira with shareholders. As you may already know, this is no mean achievement but is a result of years of consistency in the proper management of the fund.

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They deliver top-notch services on financial investment to their investors. This fact is contained clearly in their vision  to grant economic advice to their investors and generate steady assets through their trade.

Although they also receive foreign clients, the most interestingly prioritize local (Nigerian) investors, unlike some other stockbrokers in Nigeria. This shows that they are devoted to the economic growth of Nigeria  and Africa as a whole.


This stock broking institution also has a good number of dependable and finely trained financial advisers. Therefore, if you are a beginner in the stock exchange market, this is the right place for you. You will indeed find “safety” in their knowledgeable and experienced hands.

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