Starting a laundry business in Nigeria is not rocket science, and it is one of the cheap lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

The present population of Nigeria is estimated to be over 200 million people. Most (47%) of these people are among the nations working force, meaning they have less time during the day to perform their domestic activities.

Some of them set out from their home by 6 am and return by 6 pm at dusk. The busy schedule of this sect creates little or no time for them to carry out their basic chores like; cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house and washing their clothes.

This particular reason has made the dry cleaning business in Nigeria a multi-billion naira industry today.

Everybody cherishes the impression of looking good, especially wearing neatly washed and ironed clothes. Also, compliments from people always create an ambience in everybody.

Unfortunately, most people lack the time or a too lazy to take care of their laundry. Even Saturdays and Sundays are no longer accessible because it’s the only time to chill out with friends and other spiritual engagements.

In this article, I will show you how to start a lucrative laundry business in Nigeria without much hassle.

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What Is Laundry Business All About?

The laundry business in Nigeria, popularly known as the dry cleaning business, encompasses the professional cleaning, drying, ironing, packaging and delivery of clothes or other fabrics to people or organizations.

Opportunities in Laundry Business in Nigeria

  • Dry cleaning

In every neighbourhood, there are vast numbers of people who want to wash their clothes at their convenience.

This has made the dry cleaning business in Nigeria the number one domestic dilemma for an average Nigerian.

This is where the idea of employing the service of a dry cleaner comes in. Intelligent entrepreneurs recognize this basic need in society, and they cash in to make a very profitable living while making others look good and happy.

  • Ironing Clothes

Most people can wash their clothes very well, but few can iron different designs and fabrics. Also, the epileptic nature of light and lack of time is other significant factors.

Most people usually take their rumpled clothes to laundry services to get them straighten-out. This is an excellent way of making extra income without much stress.

The average cost of ironing one clothes is 100 Naira per clothing; if an individual brings 10 outfits, it will cost 1,000 Naira.

With this system, a dry cleaner can make more than 70,000 Naira per month by ironing people’s clothes.

Why start a laundry business

 It’s straightforward to start a laundry business, and it requires little or no capital.

High customer patronage due to the need to look good, especially from a corporate organizations like banks.

 The laundry business is the most straightforward startup in Nigeria and requires minimal facilities.

 Quick return and high profit from the investment. Wise entrepreneurs can make a lot of money from this business

 The laundry business can be carried out anywhere, even in your home.

 Laundry business can also be done as a part-time job in addition to your primary job to create multiple sources of income.

 Freedom from unemployment and hardship.

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Steps To Starting A Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

Starting a profitable laundry business in Nigeria requires the following steps:

Locating a Strategic Area for the Company

After drawing a business plan and doing your feasibility studies, the location of the business is the next most important aspect of the laundry business, and a thriving strategic site will be a welcome advantage. Suggested sites are:

  • Areas that attract traffic
  • Beside major road
  • Closeness to banks
  • Proximity to markets
  • Residential areas.

While searching for an excellent location to site your business, endeavour to locate areas with no (or little) competition. Note; your Laundry business’s terrain always affects your services’ cost.

For example, laundry business in residential areas pays more for laundry services than in other locations. However, the costs of rent and electricity bills in residential areas are high.

Business Registration and Obtainment of Necessary Permits

Running a laundry business may require business registration and obtaining essential permits, depending on the company’s location.

Especially in developed nations, specific rules and special permits are required to start a laundry business.

Although, in Nigeria, there are none except for business name registration. Endeavour to find out and settle all necessary payments to avoid disruption.

Business registration is required to make the company appear professional, forestall future embarrassment and apply for a business loan from the government and other international bodies.

Purchasing Equipment to Start The Dry-Cleaning Business

After renting a shop, the next step is buying all the necessary equipment to carry out your services. The equipment to acquire is mainly dependent on the scale of operation of your business.

Individuals with little funds cannot buy major equipment like generators or washing machines, but they can start small by buying bowls and washing manually with their hands.

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Listed Below is the Equipment Needed for Setting Up a Smooth-Running Laundry Business.
  • Washing bowls: It’s essential to get several bowls to segregate and immerse different fabrics and colours of clothing. 
  • Laundry detergent: Acquire only detergent used by laundry men, and avoid detergent that damages or reduces compromises the quality of clothes.
  • Garment Conveyor: Popularly known as a hanger for sun-drying washed clothes.
  • Ironing table: For straightening washed clothes without stress.
  • Pressing iron: Good pressing iron with different features to straighten out other fabrics.
  • Water: The importance of good water supply, equipment for conveying and water storage facilities must be provided.
  • Starch: It’s highly needed to add glamour to customers’ clothes.
  • Nylon: To package ironed clothes.
  • Tags: to avoid mixing customers’ clothes.
  • Shelves: To bar ironed and well-packaged cloth.
  • Generator: To power your electrical equipment in case of power failure.
  • Washing machines: although they are several categories, buy a pocket-friendly washing machine.

Promoting your Laundry business

After purchasing the necessary equipment to start the business, focus on marketing your business and services.

Marketing is a significant arm of the business, and it’s what brings money to the company.

Below are some highlighted points on how to market your business:
  • Erect a big signpost or banner outside your dry-cleaning shop.
  • Print out fliers and distribute them to people
  • Use social media for advertising your business.
  • Talk to people physically about your business
  • Offer discount services to new customers
  • Home services are an extraordinary way of advertising your business.
  • Offer excellent services at a fair price list.

Challenges of Laundry Business

  • Clothes are usually stolen from dry cleaners when they wash them.
  • Occasionally, clothes do get burnt due to high voltage power.
  • An unstable power supply can significantly hinder dry cleaners without a generator.
  • Corrupt staffs.
  • Clothes are torn during washing.
  • Poor supply of water.

Feasibility Report on Dry-Cleaning Business

Start-up or Seed Capital;


Business Registration 35,000

Rent and electricity bill per year 400,000

Total Equipment Costs 120,000

TOTAL COST 555,000

Expected Income


Cost of drying clothes 1 350

Average clothes per individual 12 12 X 350 = 4,200

Average number of customers per day 14 14 X 4,200 = 58,800

This calculation is based on the fact that proper marketing has been carried out to generate more daily customers. Also, the prices of rent and cost of services vary with locations.

Note: The above calculation is based on a medium-scale enterprise. You should know that startup capital may be far less (below ₦100,000) or way above ₦600,000.

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Nigeria’s laundry business is a profitable venture that can give you good fortune. A good location and a good marketing approach must be taken seriously to succeed. Agree on the scale you want to start.

Do your feasibility studies and know the cost of things in the environment you want to set up.

Is this article helpful to you? Kindly share your view with us in the comment session.