How To Report Your Bank To Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN gives tips)

Today in Nigeria, an average middle aged youth and older people have at least an account with a Nigerian bank; some people even have several accounts with one or more commercial banks in Nigeria. Sometimes, there may be a need to report a bank to the Central Bank of Nigeria – due to a failed transaction.

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Generally, commercial banks are great financial institutions. With banks, you can save your money and do many other transactions. They offer these and many more financial services. The importance of owning a bank account can never be emphasized.

Banking with a Nigerian bank is quite secure. I do not know of many people having security issues with their bank except that they have a hand in it.

However, some banks frustrate their customers due to failed financial transactions. Failed transactions ranges but not limited to excess bank charges, failed mobile transfer, and account mismanagement and so on.

When you are faced with any of the above issues; it can really be extremely frustrating and stressful. So the next thing to do is to Lodge a complaint to your bank.

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Most Nigerian banks really have a sophisticated customer complaint unit and customer care service. They employ great staff that knows how to handle situations during trying time for their customers.

How To Make a Complaint To Your Bank

When you experienced any failed transaction, be it excess bank charges, failed transfer or any kind of issue. The first thing you should do is contact your bank to file a complaint.

Contacting your bank through the quickest and easiest channel available comes first. You can call them on customer care number, send an email or even teach out to them via their social media handles (Twitter and Facebook works well).

By doing this, you may get the information and resolution you need quickly.

In the event that your bank fails to resolve your issue within the specified period of time that they should, you can now contact CBN to report your bank.

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How To Report Nigerian Banks to CBN

In case your report is not properly dealt with and your issue remains unresolved, you will need to initiate an official customer complaint process with CBN.

Central Bank of Nigeria is the apex bank in Nigeria. CBN is responsible for the regulations of all the commercial banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria.

In 2011, the CBN had set out the process to lodge a complaint in its Circular – FPR/DIR/CIR/GEN/01/020

On July 12, 2019 – the CBN took to twitter to share some tweets on how you can report your bank. The tweets were tagged #HowToLodgeComplaints. Also, they gave clear guidelines which I shall explain.

Complaint for excessive bank charges

report banks to cbn for excess bank charges

Oftentimes, when customers are aggrieved and feel the need to complain; it is usually because their bank charges are too much and unexplainable. Or maybe they didn’t just get it.

CBN Guidelines: In the case of Excess Charges, make a complaint to your bank and allow 30 days resolution. If they haven’t resolved the issue after 30 days.

Send an email to and copy (i.e. CC)

You can also call +234 7002255226 to lodge a complaint.

Complaint for a failed transfer transaction

make complaint to your bank about failed transfer transaction

With the advent of bank mobile apps and online bank transactions, many individuals have been facing the challenges of unsuccessful transfer.

Sometimes, when a customer tries to transfer money to another person using their ATM card or bank mobile app – it fails.

The supposed receiver would not get credited even when the sender has been debited. In this event, you should make a complaint quickly.

CBN Guidelines: In the case of Failed Fund Transfer or Card Related Issues, make a complaint to your bank and allow 72 hours (3 days) for resolution. If they haven’t resolved the issue after 3 days…

Send an email to and copy (i.e. CC)

You can also call +234 7002255226 to lodge a complaint.

Reporting account management issues

report Management issues by banks

Even though this is not a common challenge but it does happen sometimes. If you are not satisfied with the way your account is being managed with your bank.

It is best that you report or lodge a complaint about it.

CBN Guidelines: In the case of Account Management Issues, make a complaint to your bank and allow 14 days for resolution. If they haven’t resolved the issue after 14 days…

Send an email to and copy (i.e. CC)

You can also call +234 7002255226 to lodge a complaint.

Important Note: After lodging a complaint to your bank, insist on getting the Consumer Complaint Management System (CCMS) tracking number.

request for your CCMS tracking number

Include the CCMS tracking number in the email you want to send the CBN. This enables the Central Bank of Nigeria to do a follow up of your complaint.


Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is a federal government commission where you can air your grievances.

To put your bank on their toes in order to facilitate the resolution of your complaint, you can report to the CPC. Send a complaint email to CPC copying your bank.

Note: CBN is the only body charged with the responsibility of regulating and supervision of commercial banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria. They are the only body that can review customer complaints from those institutions.

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