This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria; that can send and receive payment without the fear of PayPal’s limitations or ban on your account.

Large corporations, mainly online businesses, utilize PayPal to pay employees and crew and make other essential expenditures. It is a credible and quick system for making payments and receiving cash from different nations.

Before we dive in further, let us understand what PayPal is and why it is beneficial:

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment network or web that is globally approved and certified around the planet.

It provides an exceptional and prominent financial service across the globe. Thousands of people worldwide use it daily to receive and send payments online.

What are The Benefits of Using PayPal?

In terms of online payment, PayPal offers a fast and more secure option for the online transaction.

PayPal offers a highly secure method of online transactions, including payment of bills, transferring funds, or receiving funds. PayPal keeps your financial data protected from hackers. For quick and fast services, PayPal offers the best.

In most cases, there is no urgency to enter all your financial details every moment. Immediately click checkout, and it’s done with PayPal.

It saves you the stress and time of currency conversion when purchasing any item online. It’s straightforward to operate, and signing up is free for all users. Also, it’s worth of note that you can send money from your PayPal balance at no extra cost.

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Why is PayPal Cautious About Some African Countries?

PayPal currently exists in over 40 African nations; examples are Tanzania, Togo, Djibouti, Mali, Gambia, etc.

In 2014, some African countries, including Nigeria and Ghana, were banned from sending and receiving funds on PayPal even though Nigeria has enormous internet penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa (more than 90 million active online users) and has the largest economy in Africa.

Residents of Nigerians are not authorized to receive or transfer funds through PayPal. This is because PayPal worries about the issue of fraud in Nigeria.

Nigeria is well known for its adverse status as a citadel of internet fraud. So, therefore, PayPal is trying to avoid chaotic issues arising from fraud 

in Nigeria.

How to Open PayPal Account in Nigeria

Because of the undue and high level of cyber fraud activities attributed to Nigerians, I guess it will take an extended period before PayPal will remove its limitation on Nigeria.

This ban has limited many individuals, especially freelancers, who earn legitimate money online from services such as Freelancers, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Most of all, these top sites pay people who offer PayPal services.

The most critical challenge to a Nigerian PayPal account is receiving funds after service delivery. You’d agree that 4 out of 5 websites that sell legitimate goods and services present PayPal as one of their best payment methods.

This is a big blow to Nigerian freelancers as they are deprived of many services and fundamental necessities, which is indeed painful.

I earlier stated that Nigerians top African internet services, and it’s not wise to leave things to chance. For example, you can’t explain to your landlord that PayPal has banned Nigeria, so you have no money to pay house rent. People, especially Freelancers, are looking for other delicate ways to have the same PayPal privileged other developed nations benefit.

Here and now, I will guide you through steps to circumvent PayPal limitations on Nigerians and benefit from the same PayPal privilege that nations enjoy without limitation.

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Step-by-step Procedure on How To Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria

Firstly, I want to tell you that you are not opening a Nigerian PayPal account but a PayPal account from Nigeria. As I explained above, a Nigerian PayPal account is as good as worthless. Because you cannot transfer money to other PayPal users, your spending mode is always impeded when shopping from your PayPal account.

  • Documents needed for opening a PayPal Account
  • A new Gmail account 
  • A credible Identity card: This can be a National ID, Driver’s License, or even an International Passport.
  • Any Business name (Registered or not).
  • Debit card. This can either be a visa, master card, etc.

The following documents highlighted above are essential documents required in opening the account. I want to let you know that you don’t need any VPN (Virtual Private Number) or any foreign phone number.

 The First Step step Is Signing Up With a Different Domain Name.

Creating a foreign PayPal account requires that you use the domain name or URL address of a foreign country other than Nigeria. For example, the domain name for Nigeria’s website is /ng, while that of the United Arab Emirates is /are.

You can type, for example, the following URL in your browser’s address bar; for a South African PayPal account. for a Lesotho PayPal account. for a Kenya PayPal account. for a UAE PayPal account. for a United State PayPal account.

 Note: If you choose to open a US PayPal account, you can be able to withdraw your PayPal funds directly to your local bank (gtb or any other bank) at the current exchange rate.

After inputting one of the following URL addresses on the address bar, you will immediately be directed to that country’s PayPal website. Click on sign up after a full display of the website.

The Second Step is Choosing Between a Personal and a Business PayPal Account.

PayPal offers two options for users, which can either be for business purposes or personal use. I will teach you both of them and their importance.

PayPal Personal account

This account is for individuals concerned only with buying and selling petty things online. If you are opening this type of account, very few details of your personal information are required.

It is worth noting that a personal PayPal account has some distinct limitations on the number of funds you can receive.

However, it is easy to sign up, but as I said, you’re prohibited to $500 when it’s not yet verified. When it’s verified, you can spend up to $10,000. There is flexibility to this type of account, but it is totally up to you.

Business PayPal Account

This type of account is preferable to users who already have a registered and working business. For example, those that have a website and their site have payment options. This kind of person needs a business PayPal account. While some job networks (e.g. Fiverr) have certain restraints for personal PayPal accounts, there are no restrictions on a business account. Business PayPal can make certain expenses up to $1m. 

Although a business account is usually subjected to thorough verification, it is still possible to create an account from Nigeria with no issue. This type of account requires professionalism, and you can even add the details of your business partner.

However, in a business account, you have a permit to send invoices to clients, and you can make bulky payments instantly without delay or constraint. It’s your choice to decide on what account you need, as each account has its pros and cons.

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THE THIRD STEP is All About Filling in Your Personal or Business details

Depending on your choice, you must fill in the details carefully. Irrespective of the country you use, you will need to approve your address and Identification number.

You can input your National Identity Number (NIN) or the number on your Passport. This is to verify if you are above eighteen years old and are recognized globally by any nation.

For those opening a business account, you may need to open the account as a Nigerian who resides and operates the business in a foreign nation. Although, this will require further documents, and if you have a connection oversea, you can quickly hit them up for more information and legal documents.

But if you don’t have a connection out there – do not worry; there are still other ways to help you get those documents and that information. Open another browser and search for your country of choice’s yellow pages in Google. After opening the yellow page, get all the details you need to set up your business PayPal account.

The fourth step is to verify your email.

After inputting all the necessary details and your new email address in the required space, PayPal will send you a verification mail immediately. Click on the mail to verify that you initiated all those processes.

Immediately, you click on verify; it will redirect you to the dashboard of your new PayPal account. You can go ahead and do the necessary settings and profile management.

The Fifth step Is To Remove Your Limit With a PayPal VCC (virtual credit card)

After verifying the mail sent to you, as earlier stated, you can choose to remove your limit and benefit totally from your new PayPal account without hindrance by inputting your VCC.

Please don’t get it mixed up; VCC can be your MasterCard, Visa card, Gold card, etc. Input the necessary information to link your card with your PayPal account. After linking it up, your spending limit will be uplifted from your new PayPal account.

The Sixth Step Is To Try Out Your New PayPal Account.

Congratulations, you now own a foreign PayPal account in Nigeria and are free from experiencing the hurdles of being a Nigerian. Test your new account by transferring little funds into it and spending them immediately.

Congratulation once again; you can now accept payment from customers, family, and friends. Also, you can purchase goods and services without limit in your PayPal account here in Nigeria.


PayPal is a widely accepted method of online payment.

Creating a PayPal in Nigeria is easy. It doesn’t have to be a Nigerian PayPal account per se; you can open a UAE PayPal or a Lesotho PayPal from Nigeria if you carefully follow all the step-by-step guides mentioned above in this article.

You should be able to receive payment as family and friends (FNF) or as goods and services (GNS) after your account is created.

Important note: PayPal charges a certain percentage (minor) on all funds transferred as GNS. Also, not all PayPal accounts can send and receive payment as FNF.

Is this guide helpful to you? Do you have any questions about this post? Use the comment section to let us know how you feel. Thanks!