How To Make 5000 Naira Daily With

How To Make 5000 Naira Daily With No Stress In 2020

Most people find themselves struggling to augment their monthly regular take homes after toilsome labors. What if there are other ways you could earn extra daily without stress? Do you know you can make at least 5000 Naira daily? I know the question in your mind is “How To Make 5000 Naira Daily“?

John is an average Nigerian guy from a poor family. He has a 9-5 job and he gets up as early as 5:30 am to get dressed for work so that he can beat the early morning Lagos traffic. John works so hard every day, yet his regular income is not even enough to last him through the first three weeks of the month, let alone save.

John had to do something about his financial situation very fast, which am about to recommend to you in this article. Keep on reading to know legit ways of how to make 5000 Naira daily online as your side hustle.


This might sound too good to be true, but believe me, there are websites, apps, and platforms where you could make more money. Truth be told, they may not make you rich, but they are sure to help you earn a reasonable amount of money to pay for some of your bills.

  1. Earn at least 5000 nairas by joining online survey websites:

There are tons of websites that pay people to take a survey for them. Some of these websites are;

  • PrizeRebel: Individuals can earn a minimum about of $5 per day with this website. Conversely, they pay their user directly into their local bank or via gift cards. This site allows users to take online surveys and other referral bonuses and payment is made after 24 hours.
  • Clixsense; This is a web platform that pays its user a minimum of $25 per day for watching videos, filling surveys, and other offers. Users are paid with the option of either gift cards or direct transfer.
  • Swagbucks; It’s an online platform where registered users are allowed to take offers, play games, watch videos, and filling of online survey forms. Users can earn as low as $25 per day and their payment processing usually take within 3-14 days.
  • Qmee: In this platform, you can earn as much as you want to, provided users fill their survey correctly, conduct searching shopping, and participate in their referral options.
  • Pinecone Research; This platform pays as low as $3 per day, and users can cash out instantly after filling out their surveys. They pay their users via local transfer into their local bank or gift cards.
  • Survey Junkie; They pay a minimum of $10 to users via gift cards and cash transfer after completion of each survey.
  • FusionCash; This site pays their user as low as $25 per day for referrals, online surveys, offers, and watching of the video. Users can only withdraw this amount on the 20th of every month.
  • Crowdology; This website pays a minimum of $8 to it, users, after 48 hours of completing online surveys. Users can receive the payment via transfer or gift cards.
  • Global Test Market; Thks is a web page that pays as low as $50 to their users for completing an online survey, watching of ads video, and referrals. Payment is made every 20th of the month to their users via electronic transfer and gift cards.
  • MindSwarms; This website pays its users as low as $50 within 24 hours to their PayPal account for completing video surveys.
  • Opinion Outpost; This platform pays its users a minimum of $10 via PayPal instantly after completing their online survey.
  • Feature Points; This site pays as low as $1 per day and via local transfer and gift cards for referrals and online surveys.How To Make 5000 Naira Daily With No Stress In 2020
  1. Make 5000 daily via selling Data On different Network

Nowadays data reselling is a big business that can earn you a lot of money per day. All that is required is consistent answering the calls and demands. You can sell different network data like MTN, Etisalat, GLO, Airtel, and other subscription packages.

  1. Make 5000 Naira Daily Creating Nigeria PayPal Account for people;

This opportunity Is a very lucrative option for people who are looking for extra cash. All that is required is to learn the secret of how to create a PayPal account by reading about it here. You can create about 5 accounts per day and charge as low as 1,500 Naira per one.

  1. Make 5000 Naira As A Freelancer;

Freelancing is the best avenue to making extra cash with ease. You can offer services such as graphic designing, content writing, and video editing. You can earn as low as 5000 nairas a day via Fiverr, Upwork, and

  1. Make 5000 Naira per day selling eBooks;

You can make a lot of money selling e-book on Amazon and other platforms without spending a dine. All that is required is to create an account and start informational marketing. You can either sell your own book or sell other people’s books via affiliate marketing.

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In conclusion, always know that to become rich, you’ve to earn more money from multiple streams of income aside from your normal job. These platforms offer a little amount of pay but consistent practice will increase your monthly cash out.

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