How To Check Glo Data Balance In 5seconds (Glo Nigeria)


How to check glo data balance and bonus

You’re on this page most probably because you would like to know what you can use to check your data balance for the Glo network. Right?

Globacom Limited (Glo for short) is a leading telecommunication company in Nigeria and Africa.  They are a top-notch internet service provider (ISP).

They pride themselves on giving their subscribers a huge amount of internet data bundle for a lesser amount of money. No wonder they are dubbed the grandmasters of data.

In this guide, I will show you 3 different ways with which you can check Glo data balance and even check the Glo bonus data balance (because they give a lot of bonuses). You can also get to know your data validity period.


If you cannot stream the video, don’t worry, just continue reading this page.


If you would like to keep track of how you use your internet data bundle subscriptions, you will definitely have to adopt one of these 3 different ways of checking your Glo data balance; it can be Via INTERNET, Via USSD Code or Via SMS.

It works for Android devices, iOs devices, Windows, MacBooks, etc. It works on just any type of operating system.

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Check Glo Data Balance Via Internet

  • Although, I do not personally recommend this method because it involves spending some time on the internet to check your balance but it might be what you have to do sometimes. For instance; you are currently browsing on the internet and you do not like to minimize or close your browser. You can easily open a new tab and check what you have left of your Glo data bundle. To do that, just type ‘’ into your browser or click here.

You do not need to have data on your phone to access the Glo self-care portal.

PS: You cannot use it to check the bonus data balance.

Check Glo Data Balance Via Short Code or USSD Code

Follow these steps on how to check Glo data balance using ussd code on Android or any device.

select 1 to buy glo data
  1. Dial *777# on your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, or any device you are using. A pop menu will appear on your screen.
  2. From the pop-up menu, type 1, and send it to select, ‘Buy Data’.
  3. Then, type 4 and send to select ‘Manage Plan’
  4. Then, type 4 and send it to select ‘Get Data Balance’ as shown in the screenshot. After that, wait for a reply message from the Glo network showing you your remaining MB and expiry date.


  • Dial *127*0# on your phone to get your internet data bundle balance.

PS: This is by far the easiest way to check what you have left of your data balance on the Glo mobile network. It shows bonus data balance too.


  • Another fast way of checking Glo internet subscription data balance is by using Short Message Service, SMS. To do that, send INFO to 127. Wait for a response from the service provider. It usually takes a few seconds but could span up to a minute depending on the goodness of network service at that moment. The response tells you how many Megabytes, MB you have left; it also shows the expiry date and the data balance.

Now that you know how to check Glo data balance on your phone. I like to know which of the above method you used or will be using. Tell me in the comment session.

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