How To Check Airtel Number Under 1 Minute (Nigeria 2020)

It is not uncommon to come across people who have forgotten or don’t even know their mobile phone number. It is human nature to forget anyways.

In this guide, I will show you how to check Airtel numbers in Nigeria in 3 simple ways.

Every mobile phone user is expected to memorize or know their phone number off hand. 

In some cases, like mine – someone who uses more than one phone number from a different network provider – is likely to forget or not able to memorize all of his numbers.

As an Airtel mobile network subscriber, you do not have to worry, as I will show you three simple ways how you can check the phone number details assigned to your Airtel SIM.

You can check your phone number either by using a short or USSD code, calling me SMS or by calling customer care service.

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3 Simple Ways You To Check Airtel Phone Number For Free

I know you are already eager to ask: what is the code to check my Airtel number? Or how can I check my Airtel mobile number using SMS? This is how:

  • To Check Airtel Phone Number By Using Code Dial *121# from the Airtel line you want to check
  • Press 3 and send to select ‘Manage My Account
  • Press 4 (press 7 for java phones) and send to select ‘My Number.’ 

You will receive a notification on your phone displaying your Airtel phone number after the steps above have been completed. 

  1. Check Your Airtel Line By Sending Call Me Back SMS
  • Dial *140*Airtel Number#
  • Check the phone of the owner of the Airtel number you used. You’ll see a call me back message displaying your own Airtel Personal Number as the sender.

This 2nd method only applies when you have someone close to you using an Airtel line. If not, you will have to adopt the 1st method.

Even if someone besides you is an Airtel network subscriber, it is traditional that you request their number and call them to see your own Airtel phone number. But, if you don’t have airtime to make a call, you will have to send a call me back SMS.

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  1. To Know Your Airtel Phone Number By Calling Customer Care Service
  • Dial 111 from your mobile phone dialer app
  • Press numbers 1 to 5 to select any language of your choice. (1 for English, 2 for Hausa, 3 for Pidgin, 4 for Igbo, and 5 for Yoruba)
  • Then, press 1 for the ‘Manage Your Line’ option.
  • Press 6 for the ‘Know Your Number’ option
  • Now, listen to the robotic voice prompt that calls out your Airtel phone Number. Your number will be called in this format: 80223334**. Just add 0 at the beginning.

NOTE: You should get a means of writing down your number before calling the Customer care service number.

All of the above methods are free. You do not have to buy or load a recharge card to use any methods to get your Airtel number.

Which of the methods do you find more convenient? Use the comment box to tell me and let me know why you have chosen the method. 

Thanks for letting me help you!