How To Check Airtel Data Balance In Nigeria

Before you stumbled upon this post, I am sure you must have been looking for how to check your Airtel data balance, be rest assured that you are at the right place, and I will show you the different methods you can narrow your data balance on airtel.

How to check data balance on Airtel

There will be different ways to do that below; ensure you read to the end.

The USSD Code Method

Checking your data balance on Airtel is as simple as ABC; all you have to do is Dial *140# with Airtel Number you want to know the data balance, then wait for some few seconds, and you will be replied with an SMS giving you all the necessary information you need. The information may include your remaining data bundle and the expiring date.

Also, you can dial *141#, then select 6 and send. Once you do this, you will instantly receive all the details of your data balance on Airtel, including the data bonus and any other helpful information relating to your Airtel data bundle.

Using the USSD code in Nigeria is a common way of checking data balance across all service providers in the country, like Glo, MTN, and 9mobile (Etisalat), among others.

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Using the Airtel USSD code is more reliable, faster, convenient, and practical than online checking data balances.

However, you must have wondered if the Airtel USSD code works 24/7. Well, the answer to that question is yes! It does work 24/7 except if there is network failure which can cause delays but only for a few minutes.

Unlike other network providers that use only one USSD code is checking regular data balance, Airtel uses several different USSD codes for the same purpose. Just like how you can buy the data plans with other codes.

In a nutshell, Airtel has different USSD codes for checking particular data plans.

Below are different USSD short codes for checking other data plans on Airtel.

Checking Data Balance on Different Airtel Data Plan

  • Dial *410# to check Airtel data balance for a 30mb one-day subscription 
  • Dial *418# to check Airtel data balance for 500mb 14 days subscription
  • To check Airtel data balance for a 1.5GB 30 days subscriptionDial *496#
  • To check Airtel data balance for a 2 GB 30 days subscriptionDial *438#
  • Dial *437# to check Airtel data balance for a 3GB 30 days subscription
  • Dial *437# to check Airtel data balance for 4.5GB 30 days subscription.

The information above checks the Airtel data balance for paid internet subscription usage and does not verify bonus data on the Airtel tariff plan.

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The Airtel Self-care App Method.

If you have wondered how to check your Airtel internet subscription balance via the Airtel Self-care App below, you will find the right way.

The Airtel Self-care App is a free customer service app that allows users to easily and quickly access their account balance, data balance, subscription expiry date or validity period, etc. With the airtel care app, you can send customer inquiries/complaints to the Airtel Customer Service team for a quick solution.

This app is available for both Android device users and Apple device users.

 Download on Playstore

 Download on Apple Store

Using the method above, you can check Airtel data balance on iPad, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows, Modem/Wifi, and other mobile devices.