How To Become A Seller On Konga With Success Tips

Many Nigerian youths would like to begin online merchandise but don’t know how. There are a lot of questions to be answered if these folks are given a platform to ask questions. In this post, I will answer one of these possible questions. How Do I Become A Seller on Konga?

Economics defines commerce as the exchange of goods and services. It involves a buyer, a seller, and a marketplace.

As the years roll by and the world dives more and embraces the digital niche, this definition has broadened to involve the internet.

We now have e-commerce, where buyers and sellers meet in a digital marketplace. With over 95% of the country’s population internet savvy, it’s only natural that e-commerce will continue to blossom and grow in Nigeria.

Of the many e-commerce platforms in Nigeria, Konga ranks in the top three. It is one of the leading e-commerce ventures in Nigeria. With millions of internet users login in to make purchases and place orders, it’s no surprise that many business owners might want to have a store here.

It offers services like Kongapay, Kongaexpress, etc. Kongapay is the platform’s payment option, which was introduced in 2015. With Kongapay, customers receive authorization codes for purchases. It also eradicates any form of online fraud.

The Kongaexpress is its logistic aspect. The KXPRESS makes it possible for items to be delivered nationwide.

But, there’s one main question that needs to be answered. How do you become a seller on Konga? Do you go online and start selling? Or do you go through the procedure?

This article is a guide. A torch to light your paths as you embark on your journey into the e-commerce niche.

You’re probably listing multiple questions in your mind like:

“What do I need to be a seller?”

“How can I go about it?”

“What are the criteria?”

“Does it take days or hours to verify?”

“How do people know I’m a seller and patronize me?”

“Are there charges to be paid?”

“What are the rules and guidelines?”

All these questions and more will be answered in this article. So, get a notepad, a good pen, and a seat. I’ll show you not just how to go about becoming a seller on Konga but also success tips on becoming an even better seller.

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    Success Tips for Selling on Konga

  •  Prohibited products
  • Product Title and description
  • Newbies mentoring program
  • Classic or classic plus merchants
  • Avoid using trademarks without consulting the owners
  • Don’t sell counterfeit items
  • When you get your order notification, act on it
  • Cancellation of orders displays a form of unseriousness on your part

How Do I Become a Seller On Konga?

To become a seller on Konga, or anywhere else for that matter, the first thing you must have is a product: what do you intend on selling? It’s a personal question that you must answer before venturing on this path. Once you’re done answering this question, the next question might be, why Konga?

Why not?

Konga is a leading e-commerce platform in Nigeria. Its website has millions of users clicking. It uses social media for advertising sellers and is SEO optimized on search engines.

Type in Konga on any browser, and the platform pops up immediately. Need I say more? If you need a reliable marketplace, Konga got you covered.

You have your product.

You have decided to use Konga.

It’s now time to start up your process.

Registration Steps on Konga

With a reliable network connection and an internet device, type in

    Click Sell on Konga.

    Click Register now. Once you click this, a registration form pops up.

This form should be filled in with:

a. store’s name, e.g., Princess Divine store.

b. store URL—which is predetermined by your store name.

c. A description of your store.

What do you deal with? What do you sell? Do you deal with women’s or men’s wear? This is what you try to describe in the description box.

d. The next stop is an email address. Be guided while inputting this detail. If possible, create a new email address with your store’s name before starting your registration, and then finally input a strong password.

Once you’re done filling out the business form above, you’ll be required to complete a personal document.

This form includes

a. Your title (Mr, Miss, or Mrs),

b. Your first and last name,

c. A valid phone number. (This phone number would be used to receive order notifications).

What are order notifications? Order notifications are alerts when a buyer wants to purchase an item from your store. You wouldn’t want to input the wrong number now, would you?

d. Street address.

e. State.

f. Local Government Area.

g. City.

h. Landmark.

i. A question about how you heard about seller HQ by Konga.

Then you click continue and proceed to the next stage.

So far, so good?

While you were busy filling and submitting your form, Konga moderators were designing and getting your seller HQ.

Your seller HQ is created if your form is approved. If you don’t see a seller HQ, kindly review the form and refill it.

What’s Your SellerHQ?

It’s your dashboard. Your control room! It’s where you view everything that makes you a seller: your rank, orders, notifications, etc. It’s your profile page.

It contains the menus—dashboard, orders, products, reports, customers, reviews, wallet, and kongapay. These menus are put in place to enable you to register and upload products, manage product listings, save your bank details for immediate payment, manage escrow (payment in waiting,) accept and ship new orders, and update product quantity.

Once granted access to your seller HQ, you proceed to the day’s main order: listing your products.

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How To List Products As A Seller On Konga.

    On your seller HQ, click on sell an item.

Select categories that apply to your products. Cars-automobile, phones-gadgets, etc. Keep selecting until you’ve maxed out your allotted space. Be observant and ensure that all categories match your product. You wouldn’t want to confuse your sellers by putting phones in automobiles, would you?

You have a product, but you’re unsure about the category. Send an email to, and you’ll be directed to what type suits your product.

    We’re done with categories; now we need images. The need for clear images will continue to stand out as an essential criterion in any e-commerce platform. Explicit photos, please!

    Input product details—the title, the description, the brand, and the weight (which is essential during shipping).

    Type in the product options, which include size, quantity, price, discounted price (if any), and total price.

After inputting all these necessaries, you click on save and begin your uploads.

Remember that this article is titled “How to become a seller on Konga with success tips.” We’ve looked at how to become a seller on Konga; now, we’ll look at some success tips to help you become a good seller.

Success Tips for selling on Konga

  • Images

Yes, images! The product image should be taken on a pure white background. Not blue, red, purple, etc. It must be white. And it should be devoid of text or watermark. Don’t go by adding your store name and phone number to the picture.

The product must take up 80% of the image area and have a 500 by 500-pixel resolution and a size range of 100kb to 2MB. If your phone camera is not clear, kindly lend one. Your images should stand out and be transparent. No blurriness and it should not be larger than the 2MB limit.

  • Prohibited products

Not all products are allowed on the Konga platform. These products include Xiaomi, Oriflame, Longrich, Tiens, Vemma, Asos, Trévo, and Smart collection. Think again if you have any idea about starting with these listed products. Trying to upload any of these products would lead to the immediate suspension of your store. And we don’t want a break. We want sales. So avoid these products, and you’ll sell just fine.

  • Product Title and description

Some might think that this is not important, but it is. Your title should be unique and include the product’s size, color, model no, and brand name. E.g., Brown Mateo Girlia Female Sandals, size 40-45. Your description should contain relevant keywords and be at least 200 words with a bold header and a minimum font size of 12 or maximum font of 14. No more, no less.

  • Newbies mentoring program

Konga doesn’t just want any seller. They want sellers that want to do well. What better way to learn the ropes than interacting with top sellers on Konga? The newbies’ program is aimed at new sellers who need guidance and a walk-through. You can request a mentor by sending an email to

Once you send this, you’ll be linked up with a successful Konga merchant who’ll help you get started.

  • Classic or classic plus merchants

There are two sellers on Konga: the classic and the classic plus. The difference between the two lies in the commission. Yes, commission. You start as a traditional merchant and then upgrade to a classic plus merchant.

Why would you want an upgrade? You pay less commission to Konga when you’re a classic plus seller.

I keep saying commission without explaining what it means. It means that when you make a sale, you’re expected to give a percentage of your income to Konga. This percentage is the commission. This commission varies from product to product and is only paid after a seller sells. If you don’t sell, you won’t pay any commission.

As a classic plus seller, you pay less to Konga.

Want to become a classic plus seller?

    Your delivery rate must be greater than or equal to 70%.

    Your orders must be greater than or equal to 70%.

    Your product count must be greater than or equal to 20.

  • Avoid using trademarks without consulting the owners.

Don’t go about using images that aren’t yours—sites like pixabay offer free images that can be used without hassle.

  • Don’t sell counterfeit items.

Sales of counterfeit items lead to store suspension and, in worse cases, bring about legal consequences.

  • When you get your order notification, act on it.

Keeping pending orders is frowned upon and will affect your rating and seller skills.

Cancellation of orders displays a form of unseriousness on your part.

It says you’re not ready for work and should not be taken seriously. Avoid canceling orders. But, in cases where you feel it’s necessary to do so, send an email to stating your reasons for cancellation.

Don’t you love Konga? They are ready to help you succeed and grow—24/7 assistance via email and hotlines. Emails are made available for everything thing that might serve as an inconvenience to you.

There you have it, guys. Seller guidelines and success tips to become a good seller on Konga. You would have to practice and implement all that you’ve read. Reach out through the mentoring program. Send an email when in doubt.

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While Konga does its job, you also add your widow’s mite. Do the best you can to spread the word. Upload on your social media handles. As a seller, you have to be proactive and observant. Keep a steady eye on your products and their dwindling rates. Once you’re out of stock, upload or restock your product.

It’s not just about becoming a seller on Konga and waiting for a magic show. This is e-commerce. Millions of sellers are also on this platform. It would help if you stood out. Could you abide by the rules but spice it up? Include eye-catching descriptions that plant a desire in a customer’s eye. Make customers want your product above all others. Monitor your pricing.

Take your image level to another height. Have various sizes and colors of products.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

Did you find any steps confusing? Kindly drop your comments below.