How To Advertise On Jiji Without Spending A Dime

Do you have products/services for sale?

Do you want to reach out to a larger audience than you have now?

Do you want to be able to advertise these services without breaking the bank?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you’re in luck as we’ll be looking at how to advertise on Jiji while spending next to nothing.

There is a need for advertisement. They are getting the word out and selling your services without paying for the ads. The manner of advertising goes a long way to determine if and—to a certain extent—how your services would generate sales for you.

Since the pandemic and the lift of lockdown, the need for physical distancing has directly affected the use of online marketplaces, as people are trying to keep safe while also purchasing needed items.

This increased use has seen a rise in the online sales of products and services as more buyers log into online marketplaces to connect with sellers.

One such marketplace is Jiji. Jiji, in simple terms, is an online marketplace. And like a physical market, it functions the same way. It provides an avenue for linking sellers of products/services with interested buyers. It is accessible via its site Jiji. ng or the app, which is available on the Google play store.

With its large user base, Jiji is an excellent advertising platform. Its app has been downloaded over 5 million times with primarily positive reviews.

But that’s not all. This online marketplace is unique because it offers a platform for FREE advertising.

As an entrepreneur, drop shipper, drop services, or small startup, the need for advertisement cannot be overemphasized.

Advertising on Jiji provides that platform at ease. You don’t have to be computer literate or a programmer before setting up your adverts on Jiji, and you also don’t need to go broke.

But, before you decide to jump onto the Jiji ads bandwagon, there are certain things to keep in mind. Jiji provides posting rules and adverts limits for each advertiser that wants to boost their product sales with them.

These serve as guidelines for effective advertising. Deviations from the policies lead to a non-approval of the advert placed.

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Advert Limits On Jiji

Jiji’s home page shows the sellers’ products.

There are designated advert limits for each type of product or service.

The advert limits range from 1 advert slot to 10, depending on the different products. Be it cars, properties, tablets, kitchen appliances, repairs, constructions, or fashion.

Each category has a limited advert slot, which must be adhered to before an advertisement is approved.

Rules and Guidelines Of Ads Placement on

There are also rules to ensure fairness and quality of services/products to buyers. Some of these rules include

    Feasible Relatable Prices

Even though Jiji is an online marketplace, that doesn’t mean you should engage in daylight robbery via a price hike. With your value in mind, your prices should correspond to other prices elsewhere. Corresponding doesn’t mean being the same but around the same range. If a pen goes for 50naira in the market, a fee of 300naira online is uncalled for and excessive.

    The Use of Concise Titles

Each product to be advertised must have a title. Your title should be clear, concise, and precise.

     Brief Description of Products

What are you selling? What’s the product or service? What can the product do for buyers? What are the benefits and features of the product? What are the dimensions? Many sellers fall short in this criterion. Include the description of the product to improve buyers’ interest. Don’t forget your contact information.

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    The Use of Original Images, Not Downloaded Ones

Some vendors are in the habit of downloading online images for their products. Well, Jiji frowns at that act. Every advertised product must come with clear, quality images of the product.

    Differentiation into Appropriate Categories.

Suppose you sell bags, shoes, sandals, etc. Automatically, the category is fashion. Edibles would be classified under Food, etc. Take heed while differentiating the types so as not to mix them up.

    All Services and Products Advertised Must Be Located In Nigeria.

No shipped from abroad—no overseas cost. The product or service must be in the country and ready for delivery.

    Licensed Products.

Services sold must be legal. Advertisements of illegal products will not be verified on Jiji.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the rules and protocols, it’s time to set up your advert.

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Steps For Advertising on Jiji

    I am using the site; click on the SELL icon.

    Input all relevant information about the product or service you intend to advertise. These details would include the product title, product description, price range, category, region, and at least three photos of the product.

    Once the required fields are filled out, click on POST, and you’ll be redirected to a registration page. If you’re a registered member of Jiji, then you can skip this.

    For non-registered members, fill out the registration form and click on REGISTER. Include an accessible email for easy contact.

This step is where you end your part. The next phase of the advert procedure moves to the desk of the site’s moderators.

The moderators review the advert and ensure that it corresponds and agrees with their policies and rules. Once this has been established, a notification email is sent to your registered email address.

The notification informs you about the progress of the advert and mentions any need for corrections.

If there is a need for corrections, you can edit the advert, correct the mistakes, and send it back.

If the advert meets the requirements and passes the bar, it is approved and is live on the site.

No fee. No extra cost. Just you, your android device, and your product/service information.

It sounds easy and sincerely straightforward, but advertising entails more work than just clicking a few steps. Establish a stable source of communication. How will prospective buyers reach out to you? What’s your reply rate? How often do you read your emails?

How soon can you get the items delivered or the services rendered?

If you meet delivery expectations, buyers will remain loyal, rate you high, and continually patronize you.

You don’t just publish your advert on Jiji and sit back with your legs crossed on your parlor table. You follow up. Who’s looking at the advert? Who isn’t? What can you do to improve on your disabilities? What do you lack that other sellers have?

Jiji will help you advertise and gain a larger audience, true, but the job of keeping up with clients to make sales is totally up to you.