How To Start A Football Viewing Center Business In Nigeria (2020 Guide)

Is it accurate to say that you are a person who’s keen on beginning a football viewing center business in Nigeria? Be confident that you’re on the perfect page.

Sport generally, is a beautiful game that pulls in a few commitments both from players and spectators. Everyone has a specific game the individual preferences, for instance, I so much love volleyball and I like watching it at some random chance.

Different games are football, basketball, handball, race and so on. Out of these games, football is the father of all. It gives viewing centres and betting centres life and has given employment to many.

Football is adored generally by men, despite the fact that the number of female people intrigued by football matches is becoming regular. I have been a football fan since my growing up days.

Everything about football is business. It ranges from the sales of Shirts that have the name or picture of a player or club, wrist groups, tops, scarf, pullovers, and so on.

Football fans like speaking to their clubs and appreciated player by wearing whatever have their engraving.

There has been a continuous discussion that football viewing centers aren’t paying any longer on the grounds that the number of supports is dropping. The contention has it that betting centers now show match for free so football enthusiasts go there to watch as opposed to paying cash in viewing centers.

Although, betting shops shows a few live fixtures but there’s limit to how many matches they can cover at a time. They usually a single TV set which hinders them from showing 2 or more matches that being played simultaneously.

They also lack the kind of spacing a regular viewing center has. Not to even mention the fun atmosphere packaged in watching football at a viewing centre.

Ensure you read each and every sentence as far as possible to truly understand this business. I’m certain you’ll be happy you did. Recollect that they’re founded on my experience as a viewing center business owner.

Without burning through your time, let’s get directly into why you’re here.

Permit me to fill you in the significant materials you’ll need to begin a successful football viewing business.

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What You Need To Start A Football Viewing Center Business


  • Television Set

You are about to start a “viewing” center; viewing is in quote because it is expected that you have a screen to be able to show anything in your centre.

For a football viewing business, nobody wants to watch a footballing match on a Tv set that is scrappy. So your Tv has to be of a High Definition image quality.

I’d suggest a Samsung or LG LED Tv. It is also important that you get a considerably wide screen Tv set. Anything below a 32inches Tv would not be acceptable by your target customers. You should actually get like 45inches or more if your budget permits.

If you are on a budget, you can actually buy Tokunbo Tv (fairly/UK used TV).Chances are; you will get a good and quality television for a lower price than you’d get a new one.

  • Decoder & Subscription:

In light of understanding, the suggested decoder(s) for this business is the Dstv and Gotv decoder(s).

That is whenever a decent Seria A match or La Liga match is going on; you have that secured with the GoTv. While you can confide in the DSTV to cover the ever-energizing premier league, champions league, French league, and so on.

Simply ensure you’re ready to show at least two unique matches simultaneously. For instance, suppose Arsenal Versus Chelsea commences at 3 pm and the match between Man Utd Versus Man city is additionally simultaneously; you ought to have the option to show the two matches to fulfill your clients since it’s what I will expect in case I’m at your viewing centre.

  • Chairs And Benches (For Sitting)

It’s prudent you go for (procurement) wooden seats. Chairs are more comfortable for sitting compared to benches and furthermore increasingly costly. Not overlooking wood is more grounded than plastic or rubber.

Notwithstanding, in case you’re taking a shot at a more tightly spending plan, all you have to do is contact a carpenter to assist you with building great benches. A solitary seat ought to have the option to oblige five (5) people and since you’re focusing at any rate 100 people, 15-20 wooden seats will be okay for a beginning.

  • Air Conditioners – Standing/Ceiling Fan

The main role of the above is for cooling individuals and causing them to feel good.

Personally, I would suggest the utilization of forced air conditioners and ceiling fans together; sound odd right? Trust me, it works simply well.

Be that as it may, in case you’re beginning your football viewing center on a little spending plan, you can embrace the utilization of standing or roof fans. Simply ensure your customers are agreeable by taking a shot at ventilation.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply. [U. P. S]

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about this as of now, the reason for having a UPS is to ensure your decoder(s) and television(s) are running In power disappointment circumstances.

In case you’re in Nigeria, you ought to be familiar with power failure… so to maintain a strategic distance from shocks that will leave your customers disappointed, ensure you have a decent UPS that can keep both your decoder(s) and television(s) fully operational until you power your back up power supply (generator).

This will empower your customers not to miss a solitary look at the football match and will likewise make them cheerful and satisfied.

On the off chance that you can’t manage the cost of a UPS that will keep your TV and decoders running at the same time, that is justifiable. Simply ensure you get a UPS that can keep your decoders rushing to stay away from the long reboot process after you are more likely than not fueled on your reinforcement supply.

  • Generator

A generator is an absolute necessity has in the event that you need to run a football viewing center in Nigeria. This is a result of the present power supply issues. With this issue up to date, you, thusly, need a reinforcement power supply and a decent generator will carry out the responsibility.

Except if in the event that you have the money to get a good solar panel to power your electronics.

  • Whiteboard/Blackboard

For a whiteboard, you’ll need a marker while chalk will do for a blackboard. Whichever you decide to utilize is fine as long as it fills it’s an essential need. Also, maybe you’re pondering, the main role of this is to compose up and coming matches to keep your clients refreshed.

The board can likewise be utilized to publicize.

This is the way to go about it…

Instead of writing the fixtures the normal way, for example, Arsenal Vs Man city 3 pm, Man Utd Vs Chelsea 5pm etc. You can put it this way instead:

October 24, 2020
Juventus Vs Real Madrid 8pm
Man Utd Vs Barcelona 8:45pm

@ 34 Tai Solarin Road, Ago Iwoye, Lagos.
The word catch and watch can be used interchangeably.

Other Necessary Equipment Are:

  • Electric power stabilizer,
  • Air freshener,
  • Speaker(s),
  • Bulbs,
  • Wires/Cables,
  • Extension sockets,
  • Refrigerator (optional),
  • Coolers,
  • Tickets etc.

Cost Of Starting A Viewing Centre In Nigeria

The expense of setting up a viewing centre differs all around. The cost of starting up a viewing centre in Ikorodu cannot compare to the cost of setting up the same in Victoria Island or anywhere else in Lagos State.

Let’s assume that you are setting up it in an area where average class individuals are concentrated.

  • Space rental fee ₦150,000/annum
  • 3 LED television (32 inches) ₦35,000 – ₦40,000 each
  • Fan (2),  about ₦8,000 each
  • Benches ₦50,000
  • DSTV premium monthly subscription is about ₦16,000
  • DSTV Decoder ₦22,000 for month subscription
  • Generator ₦45,000
  • UPS ₦***
  • Maker/board ₦2,000

Potential Profit In Starting A Viewing Center Business

As at the time I’m composing this content, I charge football viewers ₦100 per game in my football viewing center. Modest right? I suspected as much as well. Now imagine owning a well-spaced and ventilated center like mine with a limit of more than 100 People prepared to pay ₦100 for a game.

We should do some math here…

₦100 (per game) x 120 individuals is ₦12,000.

That is the sum realized for showing just one game to only 120 viewers at your center.

What about showing 2-3 games to same or more people on various occasions that same day? Isn’t the future bright doing this business? In any case, I would leave that to you to compute.

Moving Forward…

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Challenges/Risks Of Starting A Football Viewing Center Business & Its Solutions

Sometimes, law enforcement agents raids football viewing centres because they believe it is a hideout for touts and area boys(thugs). This occasionally debilitates some dependable people who would prefer not to experience such.

Since the police don’t have a clue who will be who, they will be compelled to pick anybody found in the review place. What’s more, everybody must rescue themselves.

To keep your business running effectively you need to enlist with CAC. If police realize you are a completely registered business, they will remain off your middle.

Fights once in a while breaks out at viewing centers, particularly among rival club fans. Seats and different resources might be destroyed all during this fight if not quickly contained. Underage kids may turn the spot for betting so you need to keep an eye out if not police will seek your arrest.

Betting shops are making the business non-rewarding on the grounds that individuals currently watch matches for free at such shops.

You can go to bars that are showing matches purchase a bottle of drink and watch their matches for free.

You despite everything need to run a generator and pay for a subscription in any event, when individuals are not up to ten coming to view, it happens particularly for specific matches.

Why Should You Start A Football Viewing Centre Business

I will be explaining why you should start a football viewing centre business

Longevity’s Sake

This is on the ground that people will continue patronizing viewing centers. If you want to start any business, I advise that you look into how long can you stay in business or how long will the business remain relevant.

There is a general conviction that football is fascinating when viewed in a group or with others. By viewing with others you can argue, analyze, counter, scream, quarrel, yell, sometimes fight ensues, bet, mock, and also display intelligence in summation.

It is a good time for some viewers and they will prop up deserting their schemes at home and an increasingly agreeable condition. There are consistently football matches on ends of the week and not many inside the week however few out of every odd weekday. So long footballing activities exists, viewing center business will continue to thrive.


Unlike many other businesses, football viewing business is a lucrative and profitable business in Nigeria that allows whoever is in to it to join some other mini businesses.

There are many other things that can be sold alongside view center business.

You can sell snacks or bites and beverages it will give you extra income. Different things to sell are Groundnut Business, smoothies, fruit juice, pepper soap, inexpensive food like noodles (indomie), and so on.



Management Skill

Wonder why you need to possess a good managerial skill to run a business like this? Perhaps you are saying to yourself that; is it not just to show matches for people to come and watch?

Well! It’s beyond all of the innuendoes above. This is a business and it must be treated as such. Anything contrary to that will lead to the downfall of the business.

If you’re just starting out, you are most likely to be your own manager, your accountant and even your clerk (LOL; if there’s a need for that in this business). If you don’t have a good managerial skill, you will get overwhelmed as time goes on.

It’s not a bad thing that you not already acquired this very much needed skill as at the time you are reading this article. You can still learn it in few days. There are many online courses you can take in about just a week and there are also free resources that teach management skills online. Endeavor to find one and learn!

It couldn’t be any more obvious, in my own case, I took in the most difficult way possible to learn the skill. That is the reason I can let you know boldly that you’re exceptionally fortunate to be here.

Utilizing this business will make you a business visionary; and on the off chance that you need to be a fruitful business person (entrepreneur), you should possess good management skills. Obviously the normal football ball viewing center business appears not to require extra hand(s) to oversee however that is something you shouldn’t depend on.

This business, just like the barber’s shop business, the internet café, clothing line business, and different organizations out there – is one that is available to development. Just like I did, you can choose to open another branch somewhere else for another person to run it for you. What’s more, that is the means by which you take in substantial income.

Management has to do with the association and coordination of the exercises of a business so as to accomplish characterized goals.

Generally, you have to realize how to arrange and facilitate to be effective when you start a football viewing centre business of your own.

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Business Plan

I assume you already know what the term ‘business plan’ means.

You need a decent marketable strategy or business plan. It is like heading to where you’re going to and why you have to strive to arrive. Ensure you get one either by writing it by yourself or by hiring a freelancer.

Having and following a marketable strategy (business plan) will assist you a lot going forward.

Business Location

The discussion about getting a decent area/location is fundamentally no news when beginning a business. It’s an unquestionable requirement for almost all businesses.

Get a decent spaced and ventilated region for your business. It could be a shop or a field. The most significant thing is that it ought to be the place your target audience is.

In case you’re fortunate to locate a very much spaced shop that has at least 120 people capacity. That’s fine!

Note that capacity is a key achievement factor in the football viewing center business. The more individuals you can oblige the more cash you will make.



Population (The more the better)

Population is the total number of people living in a particular geographical area.

Ensure the zone is all around populated with a higher rate or measure of young people living or gracing the territory.

Competitors (the fewer the better)

You should realize that your major competitors are those individuals who are into the football viewing center business on the geological region you mean to site yours.

To get straight down to business quickly, try to consider the measure of other viewing centers at the area and their capacity.

I would suggest going for a spot with no/zero centers on. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you should make do with a spot with contenders, ensure they are not in excess more than 2 viewing centers in the area before settling there.  The fewer the better!


I mentioned earlier in this article that the cost for a normal football viewing center is ₦100, which is exceptionally obvious. Anyway, I have seen and been to a viewing center where ₦50 was collected.

However, this is the difference based on my own understanding…

During my costs survey, I went to a viewing center at half time into a match (which is after the first 45mins of the game) – I was approached to pay ₦50 – that is for a center collecting ₦100 for full time.

On the other hand, when I visited a center that collects ₦50 for full-time, I was still approached to pay ₦50.

The fact of the matter is that, prices differ based on location. In this manner, before you set your value, ensure you are very much aware of the pricing technique (full time and half time) embraced by your rivals.

Don’t simply open a viewing center and begin charging ₦100 for a game when others are charging ₦70 or ₦50. No one or not very many people will patronize you.

Your price(s) ought to be competitive. It ought to be as such a customer won’t need to leave your viewing center for the one on the other road since it’s less expensive. If you do a decent feasibility study, you won’t have a problem in deciding what price to place on your ticket.

Something else to consider is the sex or sexual orientation of the people living here. Guys patronize viewing centers most. So males should in the geological territory as much as possible.

In conclusion, you can consider the profile of people living in the area you need to site the viewing center. Not at all like looking for a place for your cyber café business, this point isn’t one you ought to organize in this line of business. Simply ensure the people can afford your service.

Buy Necessary Equipment

Ensure you take a shot at getting all of the equipment mentioned above to begin your viewing center business.



Gaming Center

There’s an extraordinary connection between football lovers/fans and games

When there’s no match to show, you can change over the football viewing centre to a game center. Ensure you have accessible the most recent game consoles like play station 5, 4 and 3 or Xbox with most recent introduced games like the FIFA 20, 19 and 18, Pro evolution soccer (PES) and so on.


In your viewing center, you can have snacks and sodas for interested customers to purchase.

Ensure the drinks/beverages are chilled or cold. On the off chance that you don’t have a refrigerator, you can purchase cold blocks for a little expense. Put the blocks into a not too bad measured rubber or cooler, include some water and your drinks into rubber then cover up. Quickly the drinks will be only the way we all like it. Chilled!

Others include

  • Opening a barbecue joint
  • Ice cream Stand.
  • Shawarma business stand.


  • It creates employment
  • The business is profitable
  • Promotes peace and harmony
  • It can serve as an alternative source of income.


  • Get a good location (area) or shop with your target audience in mind
  • Furnish your shop
  • Buy the necessary equipment like televisions decoders chairs etc
  • Register your business if necessary by contacting your association.
  • Manage your business well.

Note: In a circumstance whereby you need to relinquish one game for another and some customers are not so much alright with it, ensure you encourage the democratic thought (voting). i.e. in the event that you need me to show match “A” lift your hand… That is what I am talking about.


Football viewing center business is one of those businesses you can begin with 100k at hand,

Sport and football to be exact is 90% business and 10% entertainment. That is a straightforward truth. Tap from this ever-developing lucrative business world and open your own football viewing center business in Nigeria today.