Fiverr: Sign Up, Gig Creation and How to Make Money with Fiverr Gigs (Beginners Guide 2022)

Many people that make money online today started as a freelancer. Of all freelancing websites on the internet, Fiverr stands out. 

Are you someone with one or more digital skills looking to make an online income? I advise you to start as a Fiverr seller.

If you have never created a Fiverr account before and need a complete step-by-step guide on Fiverr, sign up. Then, look no further. This article is written to help you with everything you need to know about creating an account, creating a gig, and making money on Fiverr. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Nigerian or British.

What is Fiverr All About?

Fiverr is an online marketplace or platform where users can buy or sell digital-related services for a particular amount. 

Fiverr was launched in 2010 and has become a significant force to reckon with in the freelance industry. It has a dream place for beginners and even experts!

In a decade of its existence, many people have found a way to make active and passive income on this platform. There’s a frequently asked question about whether people still made money on Fiverr in 2020. Well, the answer is YES! And I will show you how in this article.

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How Does It Work?

Like every other online marketplace, services are offered by a seller (freelancer) and bought by a buyer. The services offered are called Gigs.

When sellers create gigs, buyers can browse through many completed gigs by different sellers.

When buyers choose a gig and are ready to purchase, they must make an order and proceed to payment checkout. Buyers are charged a processing fee of $2 by Fiverr and 5% of every purchase above $20. 

Usually, a seller that is a beginner on Fiverr is expected to tag their gigs an amount of $5 each. It can be more, but 5 dollars is the lowest gig you can create. Fiverr charges sellers 20% of the number of their services. So you get paid 80% of the amount you tag your gig. That sounds pretty enough!

Is Fiverr Sign Up Necessary?

Some people ask if it is necessary to sign up on Fiverr before they can buy or offer to sell their services.

YES! Register and create an account to sell or buy services using the platform. It has buyers’ and sellers’ accounts. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do any activity on it.

Ask Yourself This 5 Questions Before You Create A Fiverr Account

Do not sign up on Fiverr yet until you have asked and answered these questions by yourself:

1. Why am I creating a Fiverr account?

2. What digital skills do I have to sell on

3. Have I read and understand Fiverr’s Terms and Conditions?

4. How well can I interact with people in English?

5. Are the required resources available to me, i.e., Computer, Smartphone, Internet, and Motivation?

If all answers to these questions are positive, I congratulate you. You can now move on to Fiverr sign-up.

IMPORTANT NOTEYou’d want to ensure you read everything in this article before you start following the guides. This is an article you want to read at least twice.

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How to Create Fiverr Account (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1

Open on your web browser (preferably your computer browser) and click on “Join.”

Step 2

Put your valid email and click “Continue.”

Note: There are options for you to sign up using your Google Connect or Facebook accounts. I advise that you use the email option if you are a beginner.

Step 3

Choose a username and set up a solid password that you can remember whenever you need it. Then, click “Join.”

Note: Fiverr username is at least 15 characters long and must not include any special characters (_,’$). Be creative in choosing your username because it cannot be changed once a username is selected until you delete your existing profile. Choosing usernames related to your services can help people easily recognize what you do. e.g “NobleInformant Digital Marketing”, etc.

Step 4

After step 3, you’ll be sent a confirmation mail at the email address you provided earlier. Click “Activate Your Account,” and you’re now a registered Fiverr user.

How To Create a Gig on Fiverr (2020 Guide with Images)

If you have created a Fiverr seller account, there’s no doubt the next thing to do is to put the services you offer on the map so buyers can see and locate you.

Although Fiverr has mobile apps for android and iOs, gigs cannot be created with the Fiverr android app. It can only be made using a computer or an iPad.

Fiverr is a free marketplace for sellers and buyers. You do not need to pay any amount to sign up or to create a gig. It’s all free!

“Freelancers on the Fiverr platform get hired through the gigs they created. I explained above that Fiverr refers to the services you sell on the platform as Gigs.”

Let me show you how to create your first successful gig on Fiverr. This easy-to-follow step-by-step guide with images will make everything simple for you. 


Login to your Fiverr account, click on “Selling,” and then on “Gigs” from the drop-down menu. This is also where you will find all the gigs you have created.


Click on the “Create A New Gig” button (green) found at the top right corner.


Fill out the form; “Gig Title,” “Category,” and “Search Tags.”

Gig Title: This asks you to provide a title for the services you want to render to potential buyers. It must be less than or equal to 80 characters in length.

Keep reading, and I will show you how to write an outstanding gig title that will shoot you to the top in search queries.

Category: Here is an option for you to choose from a wide range of classes on Fiverr.

Video & Animation, Graphics & Design, Writing & Translation, Music & Audio, Digital Marketing, Business, Programming & Tech, Fun, and Lifestyle are all examples of Fiverr’s categories.

You’ll be able to choose subcategories that would be specific to your service.

Search Tags: Tags are words or phrases related to the services you render. To make the best out of this, make sure you use words closely associated with your services and use words a buyer would type to search for people selling the kind of gigs you sell. 


Set up your gig’s “Scope & Pricing .”Your gig’s pricing is the amount you wish to collect from buyers. The lowest is $5 and can go as high as $995. Amazing? Definitely Yes!

You can make some excellent money online via Fiverr. You have the option to unlock other packages for the gig. If you want, click on the “Try Now” button. 

When you unlock the Standard and Premium packages, you can set different prices for the gig. It all depends on the extra services you are willing to offer.

For example, if you have set your introductory price to $5 with the delivery date as seven days, you can add some extra dollars for faster delivery. Say 10 dollars for 3 days delivery. 

The gig revision number is the number of times you are willing to revise your job for the customer/buyer. In cases where clients complain and request a review.


Write your gig’s “Description .”You can describe in full (but short) what your gig is all about.

Here, you are limited to only 1200 characters to describe your gig. Make the best use of this opportunity. Write enticing stuff about your gig, and use SEO-friendly details. 

You can check other people’s gigs in your category to see what your description should look like. You should never copy their descriptions.


Write the “Requirements” for your gig. 

It would help if you listed out what you will need from a buyer when they approach to give you a job or buy your gig. These are the requirements. It is done to avoid conflict and disputes.

When someone wants to give you a Fiverr job, they are expected to explain in detail what they expect from you doing their jobs. The requirements can be Free Text, Attached File, or Multiple Answers. 


Upload “Gig Photos, Gig Videos, or Gig PDFs.”

You will be able to upload photos, videos, or PDF files that describe your gig.

You can quickly get free stock images online to use. 


Click on the “Publish Gig” button.

Once you click the publish gig button, BOOM! Your gig is live on Fiverr. Potential clients or buyers can contact you should they need your assistance. 

Now that you have posted your first gig, may I show you how to make money on Fiverr?

 4 Notable Tips to Make Money Online With Fiverr (Gigs that sell CRAZILY)

Once you are familiar with Fiverr’s interface and usage, you will notice that some gigs attract many buyers. While some other gigs in the same category barely have a buyer waiting. 

It’s simple; the secret is ‘visibility of the gigs .’When a client searches for a service, Fiverr brings out gigs related to the searcher’s intent. Any gigs that are not visible to buyers will not get sales.

Even when gigs are visible, it still doesn’t get sales, probably because their descriptions and details are not enticing enough.

I will give you tips on optimizing your gigs to make crazy sales.

1. Write Great Gig Title and Descriptions

Gig title and gig description are your best shots of marketing your services to buyers. Once you get it right here, you have gained about 50% of what you needed to make mad sales of your gigs right.

First, determine what things buyers would most likely type to find your kind of gigs. If you know what searchers type to see other people in your gig niche, then opt for it. Use the exact words in your title and descriptions.

That is to say; you’re optimizing both your title and descriptions for SEO. In simpler terms, write an SEO-friendly gig title and descriptions.

All SEO-friendly titles and descriptions do for you are to get you noticed. What if you’ve seen and buyers are unsatisfied with your gig’s description? Well, I’d say – in addition to an SEO-friendly description, make your description so compelling to whoever sees it that they’d feel guilty not to buy from you.

Your description is your marketing tool. Therefore, make it an excellent copy anyone would want to buy. You can get ideas from people that created similar gigs to your own.

2. Ask Your Satisfied Customers For Reviews

There’s a chance that some people won’t like to hire you even with your compelling and SEO-friendly description because they don’t trust you. These sets of potential customers would be leveraging what others say about you. That is your customers’ reviews about you.

They want to see if you have done justice to the previous works or are not good at your services. That is all the reviews say about you.

Once you get a job done satisfactorily for a client, there’s a chance they’d be willing to leave a good rating and review for you. It is also the same for a customer who is not pleased.

Since there’s a high probability that you’d chat with your buyer, you may politely ask them to give you a review, according to how they feel about your services after it’s done.

Do not tell them what the reviews should be or what star rating they should give. That can be unprofessional and sometimes annoying. 

If you’d ask for a review, do your due diligence. If not, it’d directly translate to playing a Fiverr equivalent of Russian roulette.

Warning: It is against Fiverr TOS to buy reviews. If you do, you will get caught and be penalized severely!

3. Be Fast With Your Order Delivery

Fiverr’s search ranking algorithm rates delivery periods highly. Fast delivery is what Fiverr loves. It ranks you high for buyers to see if you are the type that sets the short delivery time and beats it. 

Depending on your offered gigs, you would want to set a minimum delivery time possible and ensure never to exceed it. Buyers love it, too, if you can beat the timeline given.

4. Be Courteous and Polite

Fiverr is a lucrative online business, which should be treated as such. In any business, customer service is essential, and you must be willing to satisfy them at all costs.

When you communicate with your potential buyers/clients – be courteous!

Use the best of words to address them respectably and see them coming back when next they have another freelance job offer.

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By now, you should know what it entails to create a Fiverr account and how to start a gig on Fiverr. Also, you know what you need to do – to make your gigs sell as hot coffee sells on a cold winter morning.

If you are a beginner, I advise you to go through this article one more time and then begin your online money-making journey. 

If you have any questions, kindly use the comment session. I’ll respond to any question you ask diligently. 

Happy Fiverr!