How to start Egg Business in Nigeria

How to Start Egg Business in Nigeria 2020 (Bulk Supply)

Egg business in Nigeria is a very competitive business among farmers and those involve in it, has is become very competitive among many entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

However, Egg business is very lucrative business. It is a necessity since it serves as source of protein to kids and those who consume it.

Demand for egg is high because it is always needed within cities and towns. It is most especially demanded by eateries, hotels etc.

Egg distribution business in Nigeria has created numerous employment both direct and indirect jobs.

Eggs are used in numerous products; it includes: the production of most baked snacks, eggs are used in the manufacturing companies like bakery, and as such their demand and usage in Nigeria remains high.

With a readily available market, there is a great potential to build a million-dollar business out of the egg delivery business in Nigeria.

Egg production and distribution is a nice and great business to venture into!

Egg Distribution in Nigeria

egg in a basket for egg business in nigeria

Egg distribution business has contributed hugely to the Nigerian economy. About 49% of Nigerian population consumes at least 70 to 100 eggs annually, the annual revenue from eggs would rise to N340 billion.

Egg sales in Nigeria have contributed 25% to the GDP of agriculture of National Economy. Source: The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN)

Eggs are largely consumed by a wide range of people and organizations in Nigeria ranging from hotels, restaurants, events, families, and individuals. It is even mostly used in the production of baked snacks, bread, cakes and it is used in the manufacturing companies.

Demand for egg and usage in Nigeria remains high and will keep skyrocketing. With a wide market and the potential to build a Billion-Naira market out of the egg distribution business in Nigeria.


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Realities of The Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria

  • It requires low startup capital.
  • The egg supply business does not require special skills as long as you are responsible.
  • Eggs are a great source of protein.
  • Eggs have a wide variety of consumers.
  • It can create a weekly/monthly income.
  • The color of the yolk depends on the hen’s diet.
  • The size of an egg depends on the age of a hen that lays it.
  • For the best hard-boiled eggs, use eggs that are at least 10 days old.

Importance of Egg Business to the Economy:

  • It is a source of employment to people.
  • The egg is a Source of protein to consumers.
  • Egg serves as food.
  • It is used in the production of snacks and food products.
  • It can be exported to foreign countries (foreign exchange).
  • Egg business generates 25% of the agricultural GDP.
  • If well manage and utilize could grow into a big market that could huge GDP for the nation.

Disadvantages of Egg business in Nigeria:

  • Cool and moderate environment is required to preserve eggs.
  • Egg could only stay 3-5 weeks in a cool environment before spoilage.
  • Rodent like mouse and rat could cause damages to Eggs easily.
  • The Source of Egg supply must be reliable to meet up with demands.
  • The supplier must be up and doing because there are many competitors.

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How to Start an Egg Distribution Business:

hen laying egg

1.) Identify a reliable farm that produces egg in large volume and are reliable:

The First step is to identify a reliable farm and competent farm that produces a large number of eggs and could meet up with daily demands of eggs.

2.) Raise adequate startup capital:

The second step is to get enough start-up capital, although for a business like this, the initial capital is low and encouraging since you could start with 50,000 to 70,000Naira and grow as time goes own.

3.) Secure potential customers:

The next step is to build your supply chain by reaching out to prospective clients who have a high chance of making a weekly recurrent purchase from your organization. This can be restaurants, hotels, boarding schools, and much more.

4.) Setup a storage facility and acquire the required equipment:

The last step is to build a well-equipped storage facility for storage and keeping of excess supply for future supply wholesales, as well as adequate security against theft and hazards that may be incurred.

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Egg business in Nigeria is a very lucrative and profitable business that has already created a market for itself and has it customers ready for demands.

The interesting part of it is that little capital is required to start an egg business in Nigeria and minimal labor is required. Egg business is yours and you will take it to another level.

The worrisome or rather the thing that should be put into consideration is the storage facility or holding room where eggs could be kept before demands are made. It should be well equipped, and conducive to prevent waste/damages of Egg.


Egg distribution business in Nigeria is a very large market on its own which could create thousands of employment and income and as well generate huge tax to the government. Egg business in Nigeria is a large market in which even the government could harness and bring out more opportunities from. Egg business should be a business that would be taken with all seriousness and practice well so as to generate greater profit.


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