As we all know, Amazon is the most famous and trusted online market store worldwide, with millions of customers patronizing them daily.

Our followers are often worried if Amazon does ship to Nigeria. Most Nigerian buyers find it difficult to always get their products here in Nigeria. They always come up with complaints of encountering one or two problems.

Most of the time their problem is a delivery problem, other times high charges. So, we have agreed to tell our followers how to ferry their products directly to their houses in Nigeria.

Does Amazon Ship to Nigeria?

Does amazon ship to Nigeria? Here are answers to all questions you might have about buying on amazon

Yes, Amazon delivers customers’ items to buyers in Nigeria. It is 100% possible to get your product in the comfort of your room without stress. Nevertheless, the issue is that not all sellers ship their products to Nigeria. This is where most people experience difficulty.

The primary reason the shipping of goods to Nigeria is a bit tough is that they are different sellers on Amazon. Remember, it’s the most prominent online marketplace in the world, with millions of sellers from other continents.

Each seller on Amazon has a shipping policy, and some of their policies restrict the shipping of goods outside their country.

So, people who buy a decent product on Amazon that interests them with a fair price may later discover that such a seller does not ship to Nigeria. Also, some sellers allow Amazon delivery to Nigeria.

Although, the shipment cost is usually high, and it takes longer to arrive in Nigeria. Nigerians that have attempted making direct purchases on Amazon by asking sellers to ferry their stock to Nigeria through FedEx or other mailing companies affirmed that it took about 12 to 14 days to get their products.

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How To Ship From Amazon To Nigeria?

Shipping your product to Nigeria after making certain purchases requires foreknowledge of the best method. Below are the steps to apply when shipping your goods from overseas;

First method:

Ask the seller if they can ferry the goods to Nigeria directly. This first method is the simplest method of getting your product here in Nigeria. Nevertheless, most sellers will not accept your appeal because of the high rate of corruption associated with Nigerians.

This is the only reason why most sellers on Amazon don’t like shipping their products to Nigeria.

Peradventure, the seller agrees to ferry the product to Nigeria, and then your delivery address must be inputted correctly. It’s important to note that the international payload can be very costly; sometimes, it might command more value than the product you are purchasing.

How do I input my Location Address correctly?

  •  Login into your Amazon account online
  • Shop for your desired product
  • Click on the top left corner bar of the page to verify if a product can be shipped to Nigeria.
  • Input your correct details if eligible for shipping.

Second Method

Utilize the services of a forwarding company to send your products to you in Nigeria.

This is how it works; the warehouse of many forwarding agencies can be located in most foreign nations. These forwarding companies provide a courtesy virtual shipping address to Amazon buyers.

So, you can be here in Nigeria and have a house address in the U.S to get your product. Sellers will send your products to the forwarding company, and the forwarding company afterward ferry your goods to you in Nigeria.

Most sellers in foreign nations are selling their goods within their locality to reduce transportation costs and other hassles.

You can instantly get any of your products in Nigeria using this method. Forwarding services or third-party package forwarders such as; Planet Express, Aramex, and Hont Global Services give Amazon buyers a virtual address in the USA to buy any product of their choice without restriction.

Although, it’s crucial to note that some products are contraband here in Nigeria. So, check properly before purchasing any product to avoid wastage of funds.

Here’s how it works:

 Signup with a notable package forwarder that will accept all your Amazon purchases. Note; the third-party package forwarder must be highly reputable, tax-free, and guarantee free storage and safety of products.

 Buy any product you want on Amazon, and input your new address in the address column. This address makes it easy to receive your product from a third-party forwarder.

 Third-party forwarders will inform you; they’ve received your product. Afterward, forward your product directly to Nigeria.

Most third-party forwarding agencies charge $5 per pound to ferry your product to Nigeria, and customers appreciate the low cost of shipping fees compared to FedEx or other mailing companies.

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Does Amazon Offer Free Shipping to Nigeria?

Amazon usually offers free shipping to some countries, but they don’t provide free shipping to Nigerians. You’ll probably pay about ₦4,000 or more to ferry your product directly to Nigeria.

Also, people purchasing more than one item or bulky products will pay more. The Nigerian Postal Service usually brings Amazon parcels.

Amazon Promo Codes in Nigeria

Regrettably, Amazon codes and coupons do not apply to Nigerians. Please don’t bother trying to use them, especially to ferry your products. This code works only for a few countries, and Nigeria is not among them.

Does Amazon Offer Web Services in Nigeria

Amazon Web Services delivers cloud computing to persons, corporations, and governments.

Amazon Flex in Nigeria

Amazon Flex is a business conveyance platform that allows automated workers to distribute parcels for Amazon.

In 2015, Amazon Flex was introduced to make transportation and conveyance of goods as easier as possible for both buyers and sellers. But such features are not present here in Nigeria, but it’s common in a country like the U.S to speed up last-mile delivery.

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Amazon Employment in Nigeria

Amazon is no place for job hunters. Amazon does not have a warehouse here in Nigeria. Amazon is not a hunting portal; it’s a portal for buying and selling. Do a volte-face to another job-hunting site like Jobberman and continue your search there.

In conclusion, Amazon delivery to Nigeria is not a myth or made-up story, it’s possible, and many Nigerians are purchasing their desired product using the following steps highlighted above.