10 Trendy Entertainment & lifestyle blogs in Nigeria 2020

Entertainment & lifestyle is a part of us, which is why WWW is full of websites with only one motto to entertain you.

Suppose you’re particularly interested in Nigeria and have been following Nigerian blogs for some time. In that case, you must be interested in finding out the top-ranked outstanding blogs in the Nigerian blogosphere.

The steady growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry across the globe has given rise to several blogs, all leading in entertainment not just in Nigeria or West Africa but the entire continent of Africa.

Suppose you are interested in entertainment and whatnot. In that case, these websites (listed below) will keep you updated with all the latest Nigeria rumors, celebrity gossip, movies, lifestyle, exclusive videos and photos, and much more. Here are the top entertainments and lifestyle blogs in Nigeria that you can turn to if you want to be trendy.

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List of Trendy Entertainment Blogs in Nigeria

  1. BellaNaija

    BellaNaija is a lifestyle, entertainment, and fashion website in Nigeria. However, BellaNaija was established in 2006 by a young Nigerian named Uche Eze. It was formally a media startup that later transformed into BellaNaija.com while reading for her college degree at the Ivey Institute of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

    BellaNaija was established to showcase the advancing Nigerian and African landscape in such a way that it was representative of the energizing and exciting positive improvements in the Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle industry.

    BellaNaija, in its initial structure, featured scanned magazine articles, pictures, and interviews of Nigerian-style characters. Uche kept up a low profile, with her identity covered until the brand “BellaNaija” started to have more than 1 million hits each month when she disclosed the brand’s personality.

  2. LindaIkeji Blog

    Imagine the feeling of going to bed knowing you are one of Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women and your blogging leisure activity has transformed into your lovely job. Who is here the most significant Google Search pattern in Nigeria? Right, it is Linda Ikeji.

    Linda Ikeji’s blog is an award-winning Nigerian entertainment blogging platform (First awarded in 2013 as Website/Blog of the year by Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award)

  3. Nairaland

    Founded in 2005 by Oluwaseun Osewa (using Pyhton programming), Nairaland is seen as one of the pacesetters regarding the online forum.

    Nairaland reportedly has over 55 million internet users, constituting 32.9% of the entire population. Nairaland is also said to have a considerable but unverified number of users outside Nigeria. This statistic recommends that a maximum of 3% of Nigerian internet users are registered on Nairaland compared to Facebook’s 11 million Nigerian users, which relates to around 20% of the internet population. Nairaland has many unregistered users, as registration is vital for posting.

  4. ABU lifestyle

    ABU lifestyle is a media blog outfit designed for young, creative misfits who do not fit into societal expectations and who dare to be different. They believe that entertainment should be accessible to all, so they offer affordable ways, projects, and programs that bridge the gap between the world and entertainment.

     The platform helps in promoting new (raw) talents and creates diverse teams. You can check out more on ABU Lifestyle here: CLICK.

  5. NotJustOk

    Notjustok.com was established in 2006 and is the leading African music editorial site that ministers, promotes, and features the African music culture to the world under the Notjustok Inc umbrella.

    NotJustOk is a Nigerian music download website; described as “a revolution in Nigerian Music” by Isioma Osaje. NotJustOk delivers music and videos from the hip hop and contemporary music genres. It also permits artists to upload music to the general public via an online platform tagged “mynotjustok.”

  6. Pulse. ng

    Pulse. Ng is Nigeria’s mainstream online news platform, featuring the entertainment, style, and news that are a part of the West African DNA. Elegant and helpful plan, structured information, most recent news and trends – all things considered, everything that we love so much. What’s more, take into consideration the variety of topics: from classic music patterns and latest news to fashion, men’s health, religion, business lifestyle, and lots more.

  7. Naijaloaded

    When it comes to music, celebrity news, and entertainment, Naijaloaded is your one-stop online platform to access these. Throughout the Years, Naijaloaded has become so significant in providing for the evergrowing needs of information on the internet; founded in 2009, and from that point onward, It has consistently developed into one of the Most Visited Nigerian websites with more than 120 Million Page views Monthly.

    Naijaloaded, in 2010 won “The Best Nigerian Online Platform” [Exactly One Year After Launching], and in 2013 they also won “The Best Music & Video Download Website” because of the tremendous impact they’ve created in the Entertainment Industry.

  8. The Naked Convos

    TNC is an interactive network invented to make safe spaces where people, mainly the youth, can engage in open and honest discussions about relationships, movies, music, sports, health, news, and entertainment by publishing opinion pieces, short stories, poetry, polls, serialized fiction (series) and other material that permits youth to partake in these discussions about their lives, community, and society. The Naked Convos is an award-winning engaging storytelling platform displaying the best unique African stories. Join us and connect with a community of readers and writers.

  9. OloriSupergal

    On February 8th, 2010, OloriSupergal commenced as a Blogspot and later changed to a website on October 26th, 2012. OloriSupergal.com is the result of what’s trending and the most recent news in the entertainment industry. They cover entertainment news, beauty, and lifestyle, events – bringing you all the juicy stories and latest news you need to know. Word of mouth travels fast for a reason, and it’s the ideal blend of entertainment, interviews, occasions, events, interviews, fashion, plus fabulousness.

    OloriSupergal.com is the place where you live a fabulous and trendy life. Everybody is worth talking about. Are you?

  10. Gingerlie

    Gingerlie Lifestyle blog (founded by Modupe Idowu) is an inspired platform created, and curated content is shared to encourage youths to live purposefully. The content ranges from personal development, travel, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts. Gingerlie has collaborated with brands like Travelstart, Events HQ, Virtue Clothiers, Pink Blush, GTBank, Transcorp, Spectacools, So Fresh NG, Clinique Nigeria, and others.

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